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Detailing our travels around the U.S. in our RV

There is an old saying, If you keep putting something off long enough, you will eventually reach a point where you will be unable to do it at all.

We have a love of traveling and had done short vacation trips. But we are retired and decided that we wanted to visit each and every state and experience it all.  We started in Washington and went straight through to Maine, then down to Florida, then back to the west coast and up to Washington. We hit a lot of the big tourist spots, but also looked for weird and unusual and there are great websites to locate these.

I invite you to travel with us when we restart this adventure in 2014 after our home sells again. We will also have a friend Martin Giles from Sweden traveling with us a lot of the time, you can visit his   blog site here

Martin is a fun writer and shows a great humor in his writings. Funny guy as he is from England and has lived in Sweden for over 25 years, so the mix of culture is very funny sometimes.