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10/11/2015 – OK, been really really lax in updating this blog, but we are in Branson Missouri now, if you ever want to feel young, come here, 99% of the population seems to be 90+. On weekends the main drag of about 3 miles will take you 30 to 45 minutes. From driving 20 under the speed limit and gawking at the sights on both sides of the road, it is frustrating to say the least. Branson in not cheap, all the shows and museums are real pricey. $17 for a cheap ticket to walk though a museum, to over $60 per person for some of the shows. People are friendly here, lots of great places to eat, just check out my reviews on for shows and restaurants. Most photos you can see on the Photo Portfolio pages, but you can also look at the site where I send a lot of my photos. I’ll place one of my favorite photos here on this page.

DSC05029Modified DSC04457a


7/1/2015 – Moved to Iowa, near Mason City and in a small private park on a river. Very quiet, nice green trees and temp is in the 70’s. Very peaceful here. Visiting family here and traveling to and from California for some back surgery related to my time with the CHP.


6/2/2015 – Missouri, Currently in Missouri and only been here a few days, yesterday we went to St Louis to see the Gateway Arch, it was fantastic, plus so much larger than I thought.


See more photos at Still have three weeks to go here and tomorrow I thing we are headed West to Kansas City.


6/1/2015 – New Mexico, Had a great time visiting New Mexico, we went to White Sands which is such a fantastic place, blinding white sand dunes, but no ocean!


We also visited Carlsbad Cavern and I was stupid enough to decide to wank down to the bottom instead of the elevator, after an hour and a half of walking, sweat pouring off me, I made it and met Vicky. Took a break to rest and then rode the elevator up.


We did a tour of Roswell UFO’s with one of the experts in the field, if you do not believe, well take this tour and listen to the evidence and you will.



5/2/2015 – Left California and went to Tucson so we could check out Tombstone and the OK Corral, saw a couple shows there that were entertaining.

DSC03950 DSC03956 DSC03946

Left Tucson and on the way to Roswell we had some minor truck issues with getting some dirt fuel that plugged the filter twice. After a delay and some costly repairs, we made it to Roswell and got set up. Today we took in a Oldtimers Balloon rally that they hold here every year. This is one photo I took and if you click to enlarge it, you might see a hitchhiker.



Check out the rest of the Balloon Rally photos at


4/20/2015 – Well it has been busy here, after recuperating from my time with Tony (LOL) We took in a new tenant, Vicky’s friend Linda Eaton. We toured San Diego, the two of them took an afternoon to go shopping, we also introduced her to In&Out which she says is the best hamburger she ever had in her life (at least that is the look I saw on her face when she had her first bite) We then had our memorial for an old friend of mine that passed last year. He was a retired CHP and that was my main reason to do this trip to Southern California was to put this memorial on, it went great, lots of old friends and co-workers came, we chatted long about old times. Had some great BBQ and made a toast to the old man with his favorite drink (VO).


Yesterday we went to a musical Les Miserables which is my favorite musical of all time (Seen it about 16 times now) and I can not see it enough. Vicky got her photo with one of the main stars,

Img_2222 Img_2223

Mr. Davis Gaines who is best known for playing The Phantom of the Opera. I saw him 20 years ago do it and he still has the voice and talent. Had dinner with Bruce and Jennifer Moats who were also at the show. It was Bruce that got me into watching musical plays and now I can not get enough of Les Miserables and Phantom of the opera. Today it is a rest day, at least that is what the ladies are telling me, so I am taking the time to try and get caught up on the blog and websites.



4/15/2015 – Well Tony came to visit and we have had a plan for years to hike to the filming location of MASH in Malibu State Beach mountains. This was a 5 mile hike round trip, and my son being the avid hiker of course would have no problem, but his old man on the other hand, well lets says that that last mile we hiked seemed like a 40 mile hike to me. Of course I teased him that it appeared he was trying to kill the old man, maybe in retribution for something I did when he was growing up. I still say that he thinks there is some large pot of money waiting in a will that he will inherit. Well I was able to suck it up, and I survived the 40 mile hike as I call it. We then did some father son time at the grave-site of my dad who passed when I was about 26 years old and Tony was about 4. It was a hard time for me as I sure do miss the old man, and I would love to have him see his Grandson today as well as his great grandson as well.

The next day we decided to get some more filming in and we went to several places, one of which was the beach to photograph sea lions. Well it was about a mile hike for me for parking and then a trip down what seemed like 10 stories of stairs to the beach. I took it like a trooper and made it, we photographed many sea lions and then it was time to climb back up the 10 story flight of stairs, so by the time I was up on top, I was near dead, I saw the glimmer in the eye of Tony and I think I saw him grin as well. He then tells me that in the store up the street, they have access to a cave, so we go, pay our $5 to tour it, I turn the corner and what do I see? A sign telling us that it is about 1,140 steps down to the cave, I think I heard a chuckle from tony now, maybe he thinks this is the one that will do me in.

Down I go, into the depths of hell, I make it to the bottom and spend about 5 minutes looking at a cave, that’s it, a stinking cave, big deal. I turn to go and look up at those stairs, I think to myself that I have made peaces with my god and he might as well take me know, because it is bound to happen anyway if I try to climb these stairs. I hear Tony on his cell phone talking to the back to see if he can just transfer the funds electronically from my Life Insurance, into his account, well I think that is what I overheard.

So up I go, and up, and up, and up, and up, (Have I mentioned that I am 59 years old and fat?) But I go forward, bound and determined to make it and not let Tony pocket one red cent. I make it up to the top, I am alive, not breathing relay well yet, but I am alive, for now!

So where to now, well the car is about 2 miles away in a parking garage, so we hike it, up a flight of stairs that I curse each step, and finally make it to the top. Still another mile to the car.

We arrive at the car, I think my son is impressed that I am still alive, but I fooled him, here when I parked, I parked downstairs, not upstairs, and I parked next to the elevator. I stop in front of the elevator, smile at my son, and push the button. I see in his face that he feels beaten, I am still alive and kicking (but barley).

The next day we head out to check out the old stomping grounds, check a couple camera stores, then head toward the beach to look for photo ops, once again Tony locates the beach with the 6 story flight of stairs to get down, but the rock formations look great, so I agree and head down, no problem, but what is the old saying, what goes down, must come up? Well we got some great photos, and then I had to ascend what appeared to be 20 stories of stairs to get to the car, I felt OK as there was a life guard station just a bit down the beach, but halfway up I remembered that I would have to depend on Tony to call for help, and with him looking for the inheritance, maybe he would not call!

All in all, I survived my son’s visit, I am still in recovery mode at this time, but gaining back my strength.

Photos from his visit

DSC03257 La Jolla CA

DSC03261 Sunset Beach

DSC03286 Tabernacle

DSC03316  MASH 4077 Sign

DSC03340 Proof We Made It

DSC03362  Tony on the MASH Set

DSC03391 Tony and I at Dad’s Grave

DSC03423 Grandfather and his Grandson

DSC03426 Just a photo I think is cool

DSC03569 VJ Day Memorial – San Diego

DSC03739 Long Exposure photo

.DSC03754 Size does matter, even in the bird world

DSC03796  Tony at the beach

DSC03805 Surfer showing how it is done

DSC03587 Guys jumping from rocks

IMG_6218 Son-in-law and dear friend



4/8/2015 – Spent the last two days hanging near the beach along hwy 101, I love the southern California beaches, I missed them. Well Vicky was in a thrift/consignment store shopping mood so we stopped at several of those, she shops, I take it easy in the car, play on the IPad and nap, we did stop by a boat harbor and shopped at the shops on the pier and watched the birds beg for food and saw a lot of squirrels that live in the rocks.

DSC03249s Cute little guys

We then took a drive south along the coast, had lunch at the 101 Cafe and then dinner later at El Pollo Loco (Yes, Again) we continued south past Del Mar where we turned and came home.



4/5/2015 – OK, I am a tad late getting to the blog, we have been busy every day now so let me try to catch up. I took Vicky to the Torrance area to visit my old stomping grounds. Had to stop in and look at the old CHP office and talked to a nice Motor Officer for a couple minutes. Then headed to lunch at the New York Deli. The Deli has moved from the original location but owned by the same people and O My God it is just as good as always.10917774_10152868189518915_1357574698267425582_o

Then it was off to look at some places I used to live and I decided to take Vicky to a place where I took her when we first were here, she loves big airplanes so took her to the end of the runway at LAX, she was like a kid in a candy store.


We then took a tour of the greater Los Angeles area traffic as we made our way back to Vista CA. There was a lunar eclipse the other night so I went to the beach at 3am for a few hours to film it.


I also took a couple photos that I Photoshopped together


So far we have eaten, In&Out, El Pollo Loco, Wienerschnitzel, some Greek food, New York Deli and a couple others, I think it is time to start eating at home again. Today I took Vicky to see the house in Top Gun where Tom Cruise rides up to his soon to be girlfriends house.


DSC03246sHouse has as a million dollar view

DSC03247s Only in Southern California will you find a Woddie Hummer

3/29/2015 – Had a great day with Michelle and Dylan Fryer at the San Diego Safari Park. Very hot here so we went early, Michelle does not know that us retired people do not do “early”. But we met there and had a great time, Dylan was our tour guide as he knows the place like the back of his hand. We saw some great animals and I was able to get some great photos which you can find under the photo portfolio tab under California page. Two photos are my favorites from today, the one where the tiger was looking right at me like he was trying to figure out if I was going to be a sirloin or rump roast for dinner.


The second one I got lucky and caught the photo just at the right second as you can see

DSC03018-2s Check the rest of the photos here



3/26/2015 – Greetings from Southern California, Full time RVing is a blast again, made a cannonball run from Yreka CA to Oceanside CA in order to not have to drag the RV through LA/OC commuter traffic. So first thing on my list to get done was to visit good old IN&Out for lunch, then went to my beloved beach that I have been apart from for nearly 8 years, thought I’d drop a note and post a couple photos. I had to grab a photo of the palm trees that I have so missed as well. More to come…..

DSC02918s Click to View


3/24/2015 – Had a great visit with Mom and family. Got mom an IPad and now we can Facetime as we travel. Then it was off to Yreka where I worked prior to retiring. We drove by the old homestead and admired the view again. Then we met up with one of my favorite Sgts and her hubby. Had a great visit. Then it was off to dinner with Vicky and some friends that she had worked with when we lived here. Had a great dinner at the Etna Brewery Taphouse and it had wonderful food, one of the best BLT’s I had ever had. The night before we tried the Pizza Factory and it also had great food. Not a lot of time to really go around and do photography as i know a lot of places that I would have loved to go to, but trying to make it down to Southern California and then start heading east. The only photo that I was able to really get was what I think was a home made windchime out front of a home. Really????



3/15/2015 – Started our trip today, we took Saturday and worked on loading the car into the RV, it was the first time so it was a learning experience as we hone our skills on this loading. IMG_4442

All went well, we left and made it to Salem Or where Vicky checked out the Goodwill Outlet there, then we headed south and just south of Eugene OR we stopped for the night and learned quickly that we need to move the items we had in the kitchen, back to the garage area as it was just to crowed (Just learning what works best) Had a restful night and got up the next morning and drove to North Bend OR and we are staying at the Mill Casino RV Park. Visiting Mom and family, plus seeing the sites. This is Face Rock in Bandon.

DSC02748a  Click To see the rest of the photos